Friday, March 15, 2013

Ruby, Roma, the Bible and the Irish in me

Hold everything. The muse is speaking Gaelic, which I don't understand.  I will get this done when I get a translation.  Stay tuned.

 Alright, here we go.  My muse showed up again.  Red hair, green dress, speaking English with an Irish Lilt that rendered me senseless. She says her name is Eileen.  As in "Eileen O'Grady," a song recorded by Ruby Murray and a few hundred other happy Hibernians. So who was Ruby Murray, you ask? She was a wildly popular singer in the United Kingdom. She holds the record for the most number one hits on the charts at the same time. A big seller here in the colonies was "Softly Softly." If you never heard of her I will ask my personal Leprechaun to pummel you into submission.
My favorite Ruby song is "It's the Irish in Me."  If you can listen to that one without scurrying to the nearest genealogy site in search of some long forgotten bit of Irish in you, you're a far better person than I.

Should you visit London, you might hear Ruby's name used in a most puzzling manner.  "Ruby Murray" is Cockney slang for curry in  the popular Indian Food Restaurants.

And there's Roma Downey.  Remember her?  Sweet Irish Angel that we were all touched by a few years ago. Senior Angel Della Reese managed to  keep  novice  angel Monica out of trouble  Remind me to do a post about Della.  Before she became a TV angel and a real life positive thinking preacher she was a singer and she was hot!  I mean HOT!  But I digress again.  I googled   Roma a few months ago to see what she is up to and now she shows up as the Virgin Mary on the History Channel's spectacular series, "The Bible."  Roma and her third husband are doing all kinds of nice religious things and God told her to put the Bible on TV.  I think Jesus gets born tonight, so I will find out if Roma is able to drop her Irish speech. I think it would be kind of nice if Jesus had an Irish Mother.  She could sing "Too ra loo ra loo ral" to Him. But I guess Bible scholars who are sticklers for correctness will be asking if you can speak Aramaic with an Irish Brogue.