Friday, April 27, 2012

Go Retro!

Here is one fine blog that you  need to visit.  It's beautifully and lovingly produced by Pam.  I think she's in Boston. /  She says she writes it because "some of  us  still believe in yesterday."  Count me in, Pam.              
Go Retro!
You could say my praise is a supreme compliment because I'm old enough to be Pam's father and the era and its people that she often deals with are a bit too recent for me.  Being a geezer, my interest in past popular culture, especially music,  goes way back  before the mid '50s and early '60s when the rock culture forever changed the world.  "Retro" as it's used today seems to generally refer to that period of Elvis, the Beatles and  on into the '80s.

But thankfully, giving me something I can relate to, Pam put a picture of old Satchmo on her page. She does lots of research, posts great illustrations and her style is fun to read.      

Pam's post that got me all excited is about the several versions of the Titanic tragedy that have been produced. She has seen them all, deciding that she likes the 1958  film,  A Night to Remember best.  I got all warm and fuzzy when she wrote that she watched it with her father.  I have a daughter just a few years older than Pam.  She shares much of my interest in old stuff . That's special.

To read Pam's whole story,  check out Go Retro.   The link is above the picture.  It's a good one.         


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Anjelica's a SMASH

Stay tuned for ravings about Anjelica Huston after I look up some stuff. What an arresting face.  And a magnificent nose.  I'm glad she didn't get it fixed.