Friday, March 30, 2012


We voice freaks are probably obsessive.  We  hear a voice and we go nuts 'til we can find out who it is. I'm crazed from trying to figure out if the cute Cadbury Bunny commercials still use the voice of the late Mason Adams.  The internet says Willard Scott replaced him on the Smuckers spots but I find no statement that Scott voices the Cadbury commercials. 

If it's Scott or someone else doing a superb rendering of  Adams,  he's very very good.  With practice, I guess any good voice artist could do the unusual inflections that made Adams so memorable and unmistakeable, but capturing the precise, grandfatherly timbre would be exceedingly difficult.  That's why I think the current Cadbury spots don't use the Adams voice.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


As Detroit Tigers radio engineer for 50 years used to say during the pregame feed to stations on the Tigers network, "IT'S COLDER THAN A WITCH'S TIT"

Howard is 94, still lives in Southgate.