Tuesday, February 01, 2011

The Lone Hornet

Three of my otherwise splendid offspring do not read the newspaper.  Only first-born Clifton Jr. and his community activist wife, Ann, keep up with what's up the old fashioned way. For those three and all others of the digital generation, Here's my  letter to the Chronicle about the true origin of the Green Hornet.  Incidentally, I don't hear much good about the film.

A review of "The Green Hornet film in the Jan. 20 Chronicle said  the story began as a movie serial in the 1940s.  Wrong!
Britt Reid, publisher of the Daily Sentinel, first drove the Black Beauty on Detroit's WXYZ Radio in the mid '30s.
The series was created by the people who had come up with "The Lone Ranger" and " Challenge of the Yukon." They thought it was time for a more contemporary, urban crime fighter.
They invented Reid as the great  nephew of the Lone Ranger, Dan Reid.